The UPOR project will bring benefits to various stakeholders which include the following:
a. Citizens: Citizens are primary focus of this project. The Property Card issued under this project will bring certainty in the minds of the citizen regarding their ownership and would give them confidence. They would be willing to invest into their property for improvement by taking loan or through their self funds.

b. Banks: Bank would be now more certain that property belongs to the buyer. Banks would also be able to put lien or create encumbrance entry on a property record after they give loan to the owner.

c. Courts: Courts would now be able to dispose of property related cases much faster as they will now have reliable source of ownership.

d. Municipality: Municipality will also be benefitted by this project as they will have a comprehensive database of the properties in their jurisdiction along with its dimensions and the building constructed on these properties. They would be able to use this database for property tax collection and also for giving building permissions.

e. Government: Government will be able to get various MIS reports required for the purpose of policy decisions and for various welfare measures.

f. Property card will also have exact GPS coordinates of each property. This would help the property owner in clearly finding out the property corners of his property on the ground even after hundreds of years. Such GPS coordinates would therefore bring out encroachments if any by others and would therefore act as a deterrent against encroachments and therefore avoid potential legal disputes.