QNo:20.How ownership is decided about a property?

As was explained in answer to question No.12 the ownership is decided through the title enquiry process. Senior officer of the Revenue Department is designated as Enquiry officer, who go through all the documents which are provided by citizen claiming to be owner of the property. The Enquiry officer also peruses the Khatha records maintained by Municipality/Urban Local Bodies and also peruses the various encumbrances details of the property. The enquiry officer will also refer to loan details provided by the bankers for any loan which may be there on the property. Through a detailed quasi legal process the ownership of the property is decided. After the ownership is decided, a draft PR card is issued to citizens and also made available on the UPOR portal where citizens can raise objections to the content of the draft PR card. The objections can be filed online on the UPOR portal or in person. After going through the objections received the enquiry officer then finalizes the content of the PR card. Aggrieved party can challenge decision of the enquiry officer in the higher revenue courts as per section 56 & 44 (F) of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act.