The property owners are the focal points and the key stakeholders in the project UPOR has been envisaged primarily for them. Therefore, it is expected that they play critical and active role in creation of such property record, They have the following responsibilities/roles:

a. They should actively participate in the measurement process when the measurement of the properties take place.

b. When they are given notices asking to show their property boundaries, they should actively come forward and clearly show their boundaries. If they have encroached upon any neighboring properties or any Government properties they should show the same without any fear and with all honesty.

c. They should also give their comments when their neighborhood property is measured. If there is any encroachments by the neighboring property owner or if that owner is showing the property boundaries wrongly then the citizen should bring it to the notice of the measurement team.

d. The property owner should provide all the documents which are required for finalizing the title (ownership) to the property. The records which are to be submitted for various types of ownership can be seen here.

e. When the draft PR card is delivered by the UPOR authorities to the owner he should clearly indicate if he finds anything wrong in it. This will help the authorities to correct the PR card. The citizens should also examine draft PR cards published on the portal and inform to the authorities if he finds anything wrong in PR card of any other property in which they have any valid interest.