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Urban Property Ownership Record (UPOR) Project

Project Execution Strategy:


Establishment of Project Management Unit.


The Revenue Department  will set up a dedicated project management unit at Bangalore to monitor the implementation of the project. Though the PMU will be headed by a Government officer but it will also deploy various private resources for management of various aspects of the project .

Inter departmental Coordination


  1. There has been intense collaboration and coordination with other agencies such as  the Municipalities UDAs, KHB, Banks etc. during the project execution.

Coordination between Vendors


Given the complexity of the project, and the fact that there are two types of vendors to execute the Urban Property Ownership Records project, it is expected that at times there may be different views of the software provider (Technology Service Provider - TSP) and Survey Agency ( Service Provider-SP). At all times both the RFP’s i.e the RFP for the SP and the RFP for the TSP shall serve as the guide for resolution of any differences. However in case the RFP is not able to serve as a basis for resolution the Secretary will convene a meeting of the parties and shall try for a amicable resolution of issues in a manner that the best interest of the project is served .

 During the duration of the project, the Project director shall convene regular meetings of all the stakeholders.

Project Monitoring Committee (PMC)


The Government will set up a Project Monitoring Committee(PMC) to review the project and resolve any issues faced by the Vendors during the execution period of the project.

The composition of the Project Monitoring Committee is as following

  1. DS & Ex-officio Director (Bhoomi and UPOR)
  2. Head of the  UPOR Project
  3. Project heads of the UPOR project in four cities (Deputy Director of Land Records)
  4. Representative of e-Governance Department
  5. Representative of NIC
  6. Technical Expert from IISc.
  7. Project Manager of SP
  8. Project Manager of TSP.

The Project Monitoring Committee may draw assistance from additional technical experts who may be co-opted to the Project Monitoring committee

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